Instructional Books On Kumiko And Shoji

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There is a series of books on Kumiko that I would recommend to use.

These books are by Desmond King who has been using traditional Japanese building techniques to make Shoji and Kumiko for many years.

Outside of the Japanese masters, he may be the foremost expert anywhere.


This introductory book is one that I refer to all the time. It examine basic shoji making, design, comprehensive background information about shoji and detailed step-by-step instructions. This is supported by many diagrams and photographs.


Moreover order to do this craft at a good or high level you will need to practice certain techniques. This book shows you how to use the tools needed and some practice techniques used by the masters. In addition this books is pretty much an essential part of your Kumiko education.

Kumiko And Shoji Book Volumes By Desmond King.

shoji and kumiko book 1
shoji and kumiko book 2
shoji and kumiko book 3
shoji and kumiko book 4
shoji and kumiko book 5
shoji and kumiko book 6

More Kumiko and Shoji How To Books

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