Free Kumiko Designer Tool

free kumiko design tool

Yes, this a totally free online Kumiko deign tool. This free design tool was designed by Douwe van Willigen. If you check out his website you will see how talented and busy this artist is.

In addition he is actively involved with woodworking, photography, electronics and software projects.

The only thing you need to do is to register to use it. There is a donation option. If you are into designing Kumiko, this tool is well worth a donation to keep it going.

Easy To Use Kumiko Designer Tool

kumiko projects

You can design and save one project if not registered. Register free to design and save multiple projects.

Once registered and logged in you can start a new project/s or open a saved project/s. Furthermore it is easy and fast to design a new project.

Choose Your Kumiko Design Shape

choose your kumiko shape

If you start a new project you will have six different design shapes.

In addition there only a diamond grid to choose from. Those working in square grids will not have any options for designs. Furthermore in the future there may be a square grid option.

Many Kumiko Design Options

kumiko design options

Once logged in, and you choose either a new project or existing project, you have many options.

in addition it is obvious that the designer has put a lot of thought into the dashboard. Furthermore he has a lot of experience in Kumiko design.

Working from left to right on the bottom of the dashboard you have:

  • Choose infill and background color: You can choose to have the pattern or individual Kumiko. sticks colored from a variety of colors. There are a variety of exotic woods you can use in the making of Kumiko and Shoji. The basic woods for construction are either Pine or Bass.
    In addition you can change the background color.
  • Rotate tool: Rotate the entire piece.
  • Edit tool: Here you can edit the color of individual Kumiko sticks. In addition you can delete individual sticks.
  • Backlit: Choose to have the background backlit or not.
  • Change Mistuke dimensions: Change the thickness of the Kumiko sticks.
  • Pattern choices: There are 38 different Kumiko patterns to choose from. Further just choose one of the triangles at bottom to change the pattern. Keep in mind that you can change the patterns, color, Mistuke size or delete a stick.

Even More Options

On the far right you have even more options.

  • Rotate panel: Rotate the entire panel.
  • Group selection: Select a group of patterns to edit.
  • Zoom: Zoom in, zoom out or make panel fit the screen.
  • Select: select or deselect one or a group of patterns. Make the panel fi the screen.
  • Print: Export a printable PDF file.
  • Settings: Change the frame width and color. Change the Pitch, Mitsuke and Jigumi color.
  • Share: Share your design with the word.
  • Info and Home: Information on the design tool and a link to home.

I love this Kumiko designer tool. I have been using it for all of my Kumiko pieces. Before I was drawing everything out by hand. This tool will save me hours and hours of work.

Get the free Kumiko designer tool here free.

Articles and Resources

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