Generations Kumiko

One of A Kind Art Form Of
Your family Tree

Indeed it is the world’s most unique art form of your ancestors and decendants!

Origins Of Kumiko and Shoji

This amazing woodworking art form is over 1200 years old.

generations kumiko origins

The woodworking art form of Kumiko is used in the making of Shoji. Furthermore this is functional traditional Japanese home window and door coverings, and room dividers. Shoji means “to block light”. Additionally the most common functional use is for Shoji screens. As well these are foldable screens used for privacy while changing clothes.

Not Just For Nobility

Originally Shoji was made for Japanese nobility and originated around 800AD. Additionally it made it’s way into traditional Japanese homes. As well it is also very popular for use in commercial applications such as restaurants, hotels as well as in the making of light fixtures to wall art.

This woodworking art form was completely hand made. Moreover to become a master of Kumiko, it takes years of practice. Additionally masters in this art form would cut every piece by hand using traditional Japanese hands saws.

Here in our western culture, about 50% is machined and 50% completed by hand. As well special jigs are made and furthermore pieces are made using chisels and planes.

Kumiko Patterns That Tell A Story Of Your Family!

Kumiko has over 300 known patterns. Moreover each pattern has a special meaning in Japanese culture.

As well hotels and restaurants use patterns that invoke good luck and prosperity.

Additionally we use patterns that invoke respect, love and growth in our designs.

Your Family’s Story

We can design a one of a kind piece that tells the story of your family whether it includes grandparents, parents or just children.

More Information on Kumiko and Shoji

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The Process Of getting Your
Family’s Story In Kumiko Art

Your piece is determined solely by what family members you want to feature.

Additionally it can include grandparents, children or grandchildren. As well the patterns can represent any member of your family.

These pieces are one of a kind and unique to you. Furthermore it is a commissioned piece.

As well I work on one piece a a time to make sure everything is completed to your satisfaction.

Furthermore I can provide a wall art piece with a theme and divider screens.

At this time turnaround time is three months.

Generations Kumiko and Shoji Examples

kumiko family tree
Generations Example Family Tree
Grandparents – Children – Grandchild

– Four Asanoha patterns on left
represent grandparents.
– Two Asanoha patterns in center
represent parents.
– Sekura pattern on right
represents grandchild.
kumiko and shoji
Generations Example Family Tree
Grandparents – Children – Grandchildren

– Four Asanoha patterns on the left
represent grandparents.
– Two Asanoha patterns in center
represent parents.
– Sekura patterns on right
represents 2 grandchildren.
Generations Example

– This pattern example represents three grandchildren.
– It can also represent any number of individuals.

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